Home Ed. What Eliza thinks….

Like every mother I regularly bug myself with worries around whether I am doing the right thing.  This combined with the social pressure and criticisms you bump into from bringing a child up in a setting different to what’s considered “normal” can compound this natural doubt.  Obviously I know the people we meet mean well […]

In Bruges

We have left France and on our way to our next month long stop we took a small detour to Bruges.   Bruges is so pretty and resembles a town from a fairytale with attractive cobbled streets, charming canals and beautiful medieval architecture its hard not to love it. It was cold when we were there -2 degrees C and despite our […]

The one where we went to Paris

We are going to make an effort to visit every capital city of the countries we visit so this made our first stop Paris.  Its about a two hour drive from where we are staying, so close enough for a day trip.  A quick search on Parkopedia found us free parking at the Palace du Panthéon […]