Home Ed. What Eliza thinks….

Like every mother I regularly bug myself with worries around whether I am doing the right thing.  This combined with the social pressure and criticisms you bump into from bringing a child up in a setting different to what’s considered “normal” can compound this natural doubt.  Obviously I know the people we meet mean well in their questions, but from time to time you do catch yourself questioning your own initial reasons for choosing this path.

Today I took a different approch to dealing with my self doubt – I asked Eliza what she thought.  Here is the video:

What does Eliza Think

There are many different ways to home educate and they have many different names.  It’s fair to say there is no right way for everyone, it is about finding what works for you are your child.  Some respond well to routine, rules, schedules, etc. whereas Eliza is completely at the other end of that spectrum.  My biggest hurdle is learning to let go, and trust in following her lead.  As a self-confessed control freak this isn’t something that comes easy!

Children gravitate to what interests in that moment, through this they naturally pick up tonnes based on what they feel they need to know in that stage of their life.  Right now we’re staying in a place with a pool and easy access to the beach – in the last two weeks Eliza’s swimming has come on more than in the 20-30 lessons we paid for back in Bristol!  The key for Eliza was it being on her terms, on her schedule.

Despite having home educated for 2 years now, I still feel like a novice.  I am learning every day.  She teaches me how to play, how to explore, and how to live in the moment – just as much as I teach her.  We are growing and learning together, and I am so thankful to have this experience.




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