Denmark – A Hygge Love Story

The day we set off for Denmark was a happy one. We had a 7 hour drive between the homes but the road was clear and the sun was shining. If you know me then you will already be aware that I am an anxious car passenger and occasionally scream or have a slight (ahem) panic; not on this drive though – everything was going to plan and we were all so ready for new scenery and new people.

I have been researching Denmark online and found out that it is one of the happiest countries in the world and this may be because of Hygge. If you haven’t heard of hygge where have you been?! Its been around in Denmark for years but has traveled over to the UK and is definitely the new cool fad. Oxford Dictionaries even shortlisted hygge as one of their Words of the Year 2016. Hygee is pronounced hoo-gah and it roughly translates to cosiness. It involves blankets, real fires, candles, woolly socks, good friends, nice wine and maybe a few more candles. In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Sounds perfect right?

We arrived at our Denmark house in the evening, it was already pitch black so we didn’t get to see much of our local surroundings but  we did notice that every home had coloured fairy lights decorating windows, conservatories and outdoor trees – Hygge?? maybe!

Our AirBNB home is in a place called Kirke-Hyllinge which is located less then an hour away from Copenhagen and 20 minutes from Roskilde. We were really impressed with the house, it was bigger then we were expecting and the kitchen had every appliance ever invented, including a Tassimo coffee machine – drool. Our host Martin was incredibly helpful and had left guide books from local attractions and sent us a message with recommendations for day trips too.  Our first night we tucked into the bottle of wine kindly left for us by Martin and made ourselves at home.

The next morning we were eager to walk to the Fjord. Neither of us has seen a fjord before and it was a big tick off the bucket list. We couldn’t see the public path to the fjord so cut across the farmers field and down a steep hill. It had been raining so the ground was wet and slippy so which one of us fell over? Chris, of course! This becomes a theme of our Denmark trip, Chris slipped up a lot and every time it made me chuckle.. OK not chuckle but nearly wet myself laughing. I can’t help it, its one of my many flaws. When people hurt themselves I find it hilarious, even when it is Eliza. It drives them both mad.

The fjord provided us with many  beautiful views and even more treasures including crab shells, mussel shells, starfish, sticks and stones in various shapes and colours and Eliza’s favourite find- a large pumice rock. Of course all of these treasures ended up back in our house. The best fjord find was this amazing jellyfish, it had washed to shore and was gorgeous bright orange/red colour. Eliza and I researched when we got home and found it is called a lions-mane jellyfish.The fjord was a favourite hang out for Eliza and I during our time in Kirke-Hyllinge.

After five days here Chris was telling me daily how much he loved Denmark. Everyone we passed smiled and said hello, we were made to feel welcome everywhere we went. Staff members in shops, cafes, museums were so friendly. We were all in love with Denmark.



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