The one where we went to Paris

We are going to make an effort to visit every capital city of the countries we visit so this made our first stop Paris.  Its about a two hour drive from where we are staying, so close enough for a day trip.  A quick search on Parkopedia found us free parking at the Palace du Panthéon in the center of Paris – although this is only free on a Sunday.

From there we took a 20 min walk to our first stop, The Catacombs of Paris.  What better activity to do on Halloween than explore underground tunnels filled with the remains of millions of Parisiens?!  If you would like to visit the Catacombs be sure to book in advance.  You can just turn up, but expect a 3+ hour wait.  By booking in advance you also get an audio guide.  This helped turn a simple widening of the passage into ancient cave-ins, only stopped by clever craftsmanship!









From there we took an Uber to the Eiffel Tower.  It wouldn’t have been a long walk, but with a five year old in tow we thought it best to save her legs.  If you have not used Uber before you can join up following this link and get your first ride free –

When we arrived we got drinks in a little kiosk in the park, Eliza had a crêpe and played on the slide.  It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, and it was nice just to hang out for a while, avoid the crowded streets and soak it all in.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon in Le Marais.  This is a historical district in Paris with a big indoor food market, vintage clothes shops, and designer brands.  We enjoyed the old streets, the interesting shops, the artwork, and catching the odd blusey busker singing and playing his wash board.  We walked around this beautiful are enjoying the hustle and bustle before heading back in the direction of the car.  This unintentionally took us past more incredible sights such as Notre-Dame de Paris on the way – but in Paris it seems if you walk in any direction you come across something incredible.


Before driving home we did what any Brit would do and had a nice cup of tea and a french pastry.  Eliza opted for a meringue as big as her head!


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