Home Ed. What Eliza thinks….

Like every mother I regularly bug myself with worries around whether I am doing the right thing.  This combined with the social pressure and criticisms you bump into from bringing a child up in a setting different to what’s considered “normal” can compound this natural doubt.  Obviously I know the people we meet mean well […]

Viking Life

Did I mention that we love Denmark? Everyone is so happy and helpful, there are beautiful views and there are vikings. What more could you want? We spent a day at Roskilde Viking ship museum which was awesome. The dedication that went into preserving this piece of history is amazing. Unfortunately in the winter they […]

Denmark – A Hygge Love Story

The day we set off for Denmark was a happy one. We had a 7 hour drive between the homes but the road was clear and the sun was shining. If you know me then you will already be aware that I am an anxious car passenger and occasionally scream or have a slight (ahem) panic; not […]